eGLANCE: a methodology for enhancing the autonomy of the blind

The eGlance methodology is a procedure to help blind people to obtain information about the physical context “at a glance”. eGlance makes the blind user able to choose the physical direction in which they will acquire data on which physical objects are located. Thus, it is an augmented reality tool that informs blind people of the state of the physical context that surrounds them in real time, such as information on physical events or on the presence of objects that are not accessible by hand or with the help of the white cane. It has two ways of working: visiting remotely and accompanying you in real time. The interior spaces, previously virtualized as 3D scenarios, can be easily visited from home, so that the system ensures that blind people can memorize them. Once they visit them physically, they can move around without help because they know them as if they had visited them before. In addition, the eGlance system can accompany blind people when they physically visit new unfamiliar indoor areas, where some electromagnetic beacons must have previously been deployed. In a non-intrusive way, eGlance can describe on demand, or proactively, especially in case of risk, which objects are around, closer or further away, while the user wanders. It can also guide the user, if requested, to specific locations.

How does it work?

It works via smarthpone; the user can explore the surroundings and receive information about the location and condition of distant objects.

It puts within reach of unsighted people the awareness of events which were not sufficiently perceived until now, which would significantly improve their organization and planification abilities by speeding up the adaptation to the environment dynamics.


IntegrantesMembers of the e-Glance project with blind collaborator.

We are seatching unsighted people in Madrid to participate as advisers/collaborators in this project.

If you are interested in helping or you know anyone that may be, please contact us:

Center for Biomedical Technology
Technical University of Madrid (UPM)
Campus Montegancedo
28223, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain
Email: eglance@ctb.upm.es