Visit of the IES Isabel la Católica to the CTB

On March 7, 2017, a group of students from IES Isabel la Católica visited the Center for Biomedical Technology, where they were given detailed explanations about the different projects which are being developed at the center, including e-Glance.

Carlos and Eloy, members of the e-Glance project, explained them the objectives and progress of the project, which aims to make easier for blind people reaching unknown interior places, indicating what they have around them. After the theoretical explanation gave way to the practical demonstration, in which volunteer students offered to pose as blind in an unknown room in which they should find a coat rack, as example. To do this they would be blindfolded and given a cane, so they had to find the coat rack beforehand without the help of the e-Glance application and later with the help of it. The results were very remarkable and the students were able to appreciate first hand and in a fun way the benefits of this project for blind people.

IntegrantesGroup of students during the demonstration of the e-Glance.


During March 10th and 11th 2016, we attended the V Meeting about Technological Social Responsibility, organized in the main services building of IMSERSO in Madrid.

Here, José Javier Serrano Olmedo, the project director, gave a talk explaining why e-Glance started, which are its advantages, the state in which the project is nowadays, and future objectives to achieve in 2016. In parallel, during both days of the meeting, a room set up to use and experience the advantages that e-Glance is capable of provide to unsighted people in indoor enviroments.

In addition, there were diptychs with a summary of the project, downloadable here (Spanish).

erst16: Project presentation (Spanish)

For more information, visit the webpage of the meeting.